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A Joce: Part 1

I‘m writing this for my mental health. really. Everything being typed is coming straight off the top of the dome. Ok. So Let‘s get into what TPC’s been up to. First things first,…


I'm Tired Boss

BOOKED & BUSY ARE NOT THE WORDS! I'm sKressed like a mother... :(

Taking each day one step at a time tho. Ain’t nobody got time to be losing their mind.

Just to give you a little insight on my life, here’s a list of TPC notes, questions, and concerns.


+ *searches Youtube: ‘How to Print Product Labels At Home’

+ soap bars take 4 TO 6 WEEKS TO CURE (I’ll define what that means later. Keep reading)


+ MONKEYPOX, Ahhhhhhh!!!

+ MUST get rental property back BOOMIN

+ tutor my kid aka niece in Chemistry

…the list really goes on because life is real GHETTO, but I’m tired of listing things and you should be tired of reading them. Now for the real news... *drumrolls*

#JUSTALITTLETPC Soap Bars Are Coming This Month!!

(as soon as they are finished curing)

What is Soap Curing?

To make soap, you need three (3) key ingredients: lye (sodium hydroxide), distilled water, and a fatty oil. Saponification is the process of making soap and is the result of combining sodium hydroxide dissolved in water with a fat or oil. When you combine water and lye an exothermic reaction takes place. This means the reaction produces a lot of HEAT!

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is very important. You will need your arms covered, eyeglasses, and gloves. Lye is extremely corrosive and when combined with water, can produce some serious fumes. Do NOT inhale. Do NOT mix with acid, PROCEED WITH CAUTION WHEN HANDLING.

When Using Sodium Hydroxide Avoid Contact with:

+ Eyes

+ Skin

+ Clothing

The reaction between lye and water takes a while to complete. For this reason, soap is left to “cure” for 4 to 6 weeks. During this process, water evaporates from the soap and the soap becomes milder and safer to use on the skin. It’s a serious waiting game!!

SAMPLES of the three soaps I’m working on are on their way. Date TBA. My new babies being added to #JustALittleTPC are…

  1. Detox Charcoal Bar

  2. Unscented Coconut Bar

  3. Turmeric & Kojic Acid Bar (releasing at a later date - still curing…)

They'll be available on my site this month at discounted prices. Those who purchases these samples and provide photo and video feedback will ALSO receive discounts on EVERYTHING on ‘The Pretty Market’. Video submissions preferred. Can be sent to @theprettychemist on IG or

More info coming soon.

So, That’s What I‘m Up To! Just a little bit of adulting mixed with being a pretty a** chemist. I be falling off sometimes, but I always pick right back up. That’s crazy this my first blog post of 2022. Ima do better.

THANKS FOR READING. Be safe. Wash Your Hands. Stay Prayed Up.

And Happy Friday!

<3 TPC

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