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A Joce: Part II

Again, I'm writing this for my mental health. I'm working on a few things too, so here's an update on what's going on with TPC. I hope you enjoy the read.

First things first, I need your help. I've applied to join the Sephora Squad, a beauty and cosmetic influencer program, and I need everyone who supports and enjoys their interaction with The Pretty Chemist brand to leave their testimonial. Your feedback can help my application stand out. All feedback is appreciated! Click the link -->

OKAY! So here are some quick updates:

  • TPC will be sponsoring and attending 'The Multiple 6-Figure Year Wealth Intensive and Conference' on May 11th -14th at the Four Seasons Hotel and Spa

  • NEW Products will be launching on 4/20 --> #JustALittleCBD (ya get it?)

  • NEW March Dropping Soon! [maybe 4/20, hmmm...]

  • The Pretty Playlist has been updated on Apple Music, too.

The Multiple 6-Figure Year Wealth Intensive and Conference is hosted by Dr. Sheika Square, a professional life and business coach who also happens to be my business accountant. I was overjoyed to receive a personal invitation to sponsor and attend this event. It is a weekend long educational and networking experience where business-driven women come together to gain knowledge, share resources, and promote their brands all while unwinding in the luxe and relaxing atmosphere that the Four Seasons hotel has to offer.

To be honest, I'm superrrrrr nervous about this opportunity. I have never sponsored an event before, especially an event of this caliber. This will also only be my second time participating solo as an event vendor. SO, I'm lacking a little experience in both departments. However, I made a declaration at the start of the year that 2023 would be my year to take leaps and step out of my comfort zone, so here I am! I'll be using the month of April to prep and make products because I will NOT let anxiety from large crowds and a bit of social awkwardness keep me from my bag - OKAY!!!

Anyways, I'm really looking forward to sharing #JustALittleTPC with the attendees and the rest of the world. I'm NOT looking forward to this large restock I have to do, but I'll share a 'Raw Materials Haul' video to share the process with you guys. If anyone's interested in attending this event you must purchase a ticket. Leave a comment on this post and I'll reach out and share the event link with you :))))

Just added some new and old school vibes to The Pretty Playlist. Available on Apple Music.Have a Listen :D

Link Below.

Lastly, balancing being an entrepreneur and a full-time lab technician has me a little drained these days. I'm also spending time researching and learning about some other ventures I'm ready to expand into. You won't find me on social media much, but I'm always available by email - You can also reach me by completing and submitting the form found on my website's 'Contact' page.


TPC <3

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