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Introducing Our New System For Creating and Requesting TPC Original Formulas!!!

I hope this finds you well and in good health this New Year. The Pretty Chemist is officially OPEN for Formulation Business!! Here you'll find updates on TPC operations and details on the proper steps for requesting my services. But first, check out this video!!

How do I work and how can we work together?

Well, here's your answer.

I find inspiration in Earth's most natural elements. Using the foundation of traditional herbal medicine and my own research in plant matter chemistry, TPC formulas are created to ensure each product delivers targeted active ingredients in the most efficient and beneficial ways.

To further put my talents into the world and facilitate your request as a client, I will be implementing a new surveying system designed to keep TPC connected with its clients while I sharpen and expand my formulation expertise. This survey is where you and I connect like a chemical bond and will be formatted so you can best explain to me the product(s) you desire me to create. More details regarding the surveying process and how to submit your requests will be available in Spring 2021!

When can you expect your request to be granted?

Using your survey submissions, I will conduct seasonal releases of TPC original formulas. The most popular requests will be selected to begin the formulation process. Once products are finalized, a list of formulae will be announced and available for purchase during the start of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter months as TPC's seasonal collections. Announcements will be featured in The Lab Report, TPC's newsletter, and made public on all of The Pretty Chemist's social media platforms.

After receiving notification, head over to and request a sample. Samples can be requested prior to purchasing the rights to their formula, but the punch line is -- you will only have 21 days to make your move. After 21 days without a formula purchase I will make products available to the public on the TPC website. However, after the 21 day mark any unpurchased formulas can still be yours. Once purchased, the products will be pulled from the TPC website and made exclusively yours.

Subscribe to TPC's mailing list to receive newsletters and follow me on IG, Twitter, and Facebook for more formula announcements. Remember, TURN ON THOSE NOTIFICATIONS!

I hope you and I can get down like two flats on the side of the street and collaborate on something great!

See You In The Lab,

- TPC <3

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