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Five Summer Skin Care Tips

Have you adjusted your skin care routine for the extreme summer heat yet? I don't know about you, but I am not a summer gal (October's Very Own). There must be a new sun in the sky because this heat is hitting different. It only took one day of dry skin for me to realize it was time to make some adjustments to my skin care routine to withstand the summer heat.

Keep reading because I'm going to share FIVE SUMMER SKIN CARE tips you'll thank me later for.

You wouldn't wear a winter coat in the summer, so why are you still applying that heavy, cream-based moisturizer?

I understand a gang of people suffer with dry skin, but less is more in the summer. Trust me! No, the sweat droplets coating your forehead is not added moisture.

Yes, the extra sweating combined with dirt and heavy moisturizer can clog your pores, making things extremely much worse.

Yes, you should adjust your skin care routine from season to season because external factors such as temperature, humidity, and sun exposure play a major role in overall skin health.


  1. APPLY SUNSCREEN OF SPF 30 OR HIGHER. A sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 15 can protect you from UV radiation, but it's effectiveness wears off quicker, so I recommend using sunscreens with at least an SPF 30 protection. If you are sweating significantly or swimming, you will need to reapply every 2 hours. If you plan to be outdoors for long periods of time, I would recommend reapplying your sunscreen every 4 hours.

  2. TAKE COOL SHOWERS. A cool shower promotes better blood flow and skin microcirculation. Hot showers can dry your skin more, too. It's hot outside, let yourself cool off this summer.

  3. USE AND CONSUME MORE ANTIOXIDANTS. UV radiation causes free radicals to form on the skin. Free radicals are reactive elements that can damage skin tissue and cause premature aging. Consuming more antioxidants like Vitamin C and adding products with Vitamin C, E, and A into your skin care routine is life saving and age-defying.

  4. WEAR MORE FACE MASKS. Apply weekly face masks that repair and strengthen the skin barrier. The Hydrating Watermelon Sheet Mask at Walgreen's is a quick, easy, and affordable option. You don't need an esthetician. Baby, you are the esthetician. Periodt!

  5. SWITCH TO LIGHT MOISTURIZERS. Instead of frequently using butter-based moisturizers in the summer, I recommend switching over to light hyaluronic acid-based moisturizers and serums. Hyaluronic acid provides moisture and can penetrate the skin to repair its barrier and promote skin cell turnover. No one likes clogged pores so go light this summer.

Well, there you have it. These are my 5 Summer Skin Care Tips. I'm already incorporating these tips into my skin care routine. If you know me personally, then you've probably heard my rant on the importance of wearing sunscreen. I am on a mission to get more black people specifically to invest in sunscreen. BLACK PEOPLE, please listen. Hahahahaha.

Remember, taking care of you means taking care of the body that is housing your spirit and carrying you from place to place. Investing in your skin care is investing in yourself. Romanticize EVERYTHING!

FYI, Just A Little TPC is available and here to help you achieve healthy skin. Ready to start your skin care journey with me? Let's connect.

Thanks for reading!

- TPC <3

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