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! Music Make You Lose Control !

The Pretty Playlist - Music For The Soul That Gets Me Through My Everyday Hustle :P

I'm a lover of all things music. I use music to get me through. I've always had a connection to it and it's become a second language for me. Music has helped me maintain my peace in stressful situations & the lyrics of my favorite artists have helped me process the thoughts & emotions I sometimes struggle to put into words.

A few years ago, I came across an article published through Harvard Medical School that descriptively (& scientifically) focused on the relationship between music and the brain. They performed a study on their patients that showed how music lowered stress levels and blood pressure. It also helped improve brain productivity and overall mood showing how well our mental responds to the tunes and grooves we're listening to. I'll share the link below in case any of you want to read the article in-depth. It's a fairly easy read with some good information.

But yea, music DEFINITELY has positively affected my brain. I appreciate the creativity it inspires and how it allows me to tap into emotions I'm sometimes avoiding or am too busy to fully express.

The last few months I've had tunnel vision. I'm extremely focused on my goals. I'm always plotting on ways to work smarter and not harder and it's just grind time shawty!

So I'm spending a lot of time working in my lab and studying new techniques and procedures for making new products.

At the same time, I'm working strenuous hours training at my big girl plant job --- so I'm doing A LOT.

My brain is constantly pumping out ideas and information. I appreciate the mental capacity my Creator has given me, but I've learned that I'm completely responsibly for taking care of this bundle of brilliance packaged inside this skull. And music has always been the party and outlet my brain has needed.


Listening to music to calm my mood and create positive vibes is hugely the reason why I am able to enjoy the workload that comes with being The Pretty Chemist. "The Pretty Playlist" consists of several go-to feel goods that put me in my zone while working at TPC Headquarters.

Music creates a vibe. It keeps me mellow, it keeps me encouraged, it keeps me focused, it hypes me up. Look!! It does a lot for me!

And I appreciate it.

If you follow me on Instagram (@theprettychemist) then you've probably seen a video or 2 of

me jamming out to some cool R&B or maybe even a little trap number. Because "Pretty Girls Love Trap Music" DUHHHH!!!!!

So I'm simply just sharing a piece of me through music. I hope you guys like the rotation. I consider myself an eclectic so I keep a very diverse palette.

Maybe it'll inspire some of your best ideas.

Maybe it'll uplift your mood or mellow you out.

Maybe you'll think it's trash and never wanna listen again. That's on you luv!

Either way, I hope y'all enjoy.


-TPC <3

Harvard Medical School Article

The Pretty Playlist

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