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Meet The Chemist

Robyn Smith

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The Vision

From the complex arrangement of the human anatomy to the smallest unit of matter that is the building blocks of the most basic chemical element, chemistry is all around us. It is our ecosystem and our way of life. Despite differences in educational background, we are all scientists. With each breathe we take, we perform a little experiment. The kitchen becomes our lab when we cook and without knowing it, we participate in a series of actions and reactions daily.


The Pretty Chemist strives to understand all of life's scientific and God-given beauty. Robyn Smith, a New Orleans native and college graduate with a Bachelor's in Chemistry, is a Scientist, Formulation Chemist, and the CEO of The Pretty Chemist LLC. The brand was established to showcase her passion and talent for all things science. She uses her corporate analytical experience, knowledge of herbal and plant medicine , and down to Mars personality to connect with any individual striving to become their own chemist. Whether your goal is to launch a brand or simply learn something new, The Pretty Chemist has something in store for you. Are you ready to create?

Formulation Consultation

Product Manufacturing

Chemistry Tutoring

Analytical Science

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