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What Is Private Labeling?

A private label product is produced by a manufacturer (such as The Pretty Chemist LLC) sold under a retailer's (you) brand name. As a retailer, you determine how it's packaged and labeled. Spa and hair salons often use some or all private label products to create their brand. 

How Does It Work?

Private-label manufacturers secure deals with individuals or brands to sell their products under the retailer’s name with no attribution. The retailer (you) purchases products at wholesale prices meeting the manufacturers' MOQ (minimum order quantity) and resales products under retailer's brand name at increased market prices. 

What Are The Benefits of Private Labeling?

  • Higher Profit Margins

  • Lower Operating Costs

  • Greater Market Stability

  • Lower Investment Risks

  • Customizable Formulas for Brand Uniqueness 

Are You Ready to Start Your Skin Care of Hair Hair Line?

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Private Label Orders have a MOQ of 15 units. All formulas are fully customizable and the final price is subject to change based on ingredients used. A final invoice will be sent to your email. Your order will be processed upon receiving payment. Allow for a 6-8 weeks processing time.


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